November Weather in Iceland

Magazine November Weather in Iceland

During the winter the land of fire and ice is really a magical place. The unspoiled beauty of bountiful glaciers, wonderful waterfalls, running rivers and large glorious glacier lagoons speckle Iceland’s unique terrain. The cold winters provide ample opportunity to keep these picture perfect formations in tip top shape. Now that we’ve sparked your interest, this post will prepare you for November weather in Iceland so you can enjoy the land of fire and ice comfortably.


The first thing that you’ll notice upon your arrival to Iceland is the short days. The last few months of the year are characterized by long nights and limited daylight. In fact, the longest day you’ll see in November is on the 1st. Out of the 24 hours on November 1st, only about 8 of those will have daylight. The shortest day will be on November 30th with only 5 hours of daylight.


November is characterized by a gradual decrease in temperature. The average high temperature is 4 degrees Celsius (40 F), with the (average) highest temperature on November 1st, only reaching slightly above 5 degrees Celsius (41 F). The month ends with an average low of 3 degrees Celsius (38F).


The beautiful ice formations that we’ve come to adore don’t just magically rise up out of nowhere. These formations take decades of nurturing, with Iceland’s natural environment providing a conducive environment for these structures to survive. So it should come as no surprise that you will see some rain and snow.  Exactly how much? Well November boasts an average of about 80mm (3 inches) of precipitation, and an average of about 10 days of rainfall coming in the form of rain, sleet or snow.

So please bundle up and bring a number of layers of clothing during your stay in Iceland so you can enjoy this beautiful country comfortably. During your stay, we humbly suggest you stay in the warm and cozy comfort of our 9 Berjaya Hotels, located in prime locations around the country including two in Reykjavik, Cheers!

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