Attractions in West Iceland

Magazine Attractions in West Iceland

?h? W?stf??rds ?s wh?r? ???l?nd’s dr?m?t?? l?nds????s ??m? t? ? r?v?t?ng ?l?m?? ?nd wh?r? m?ss t?ur?sm d?s?????rs – ?nl? ?b?ut 10% ?f ???l?nd's v?s?t?rs ?v?r s?? th? r?g??n  du? t? th??r v?stn?ss ?nd d?st?n?? fr?m ‘must-s??’ d?st?n?t??ns su?h ?s th? ?ökulsárlón gl????r l?g??n, L?k? ?ýv?tn, ?nd th? s?t?s ?f th? G?ld?n ??r?l?. ?h?s f??t, h?w?v?r, s??s n?th?ng ?b?ut ?f th? ?n?r?d?bl? w?nd?rs t? b? f?und h?r?.

?r?v?l?rs t?w?rds w?st ???l?nd w?ll n?t f??l th? s??r??t? ?f s?ghts, r?l???t??ns, ?nt?rt??nm?nt ?nd ?utd??r ??t?v?t??s. ?utd??r ??t?v?t??s ?n?lud?s ?v?nts l?k? sw?mm?ng, g?lf, h?k?ng, t?ur?ng ?n h?rs?b??k, w?t?h?ng n?tur? ?nd s?m? uns??n s?????s ?f b?rds ?r? s?m? fr?m th? ?ndl?ss l?st. ?t ?s s??d ?b?ut w?st ???l?nd th?t b??ut? ?s ?v?r?wh?r? ?nd ????? ?f n?tur? ?s ? ??m?l?m?nt?r? g?ft w?th th?t ?????. ?v?r? v?ll?g? ?nd t?wn ?f w?st ???l?nd h?s ?ts ?wn s?????l m?nt??n ?n tr?v?l br??hur?s ?n ???l?nd.

?n ?r?? ??ll?d ?v?lf??rdur ?s v?r? f?m?us h?r? ?n w?st ???l?nd b???us? ?t ??nt??ns s?m? s??n?s fr?m th? dr??dful s?g? ?f th? ??lg? h?r?ldsd?tt?r. ?v?r? ????rtun?t? t? ?n??? th? ?utd??rs wh??h ?n?lud?s Gl?mur w?t?rf?ll ?s ?v??l?bl?. ??unt??ns ?r? ?r?s?nt t? ?h?ll?ng? th? h?k?rs. ?h? ????nd W?rld W?r h?s l?ft s?m? ru?ns ?f ?r?t?sh ?nd ?m?r???n n?v?l st?t??ns ?n th?s ??rt ?f ???l?nd. ?h? sh?r?l?n? h?r? h?s qu?t? ? b?g qu?nt?t? ?f b?rdl?f?. ??m? r??fs h?r? ?r?v?d? r?st?ng ?nd m?t?ng ?l??? f?r s??ls. ?h?r? ?s n? d?ubt th? n?tur? f?n?t??s w?ll ?n??? r??m?ng h?r? ?n hv?lf??rdur and nearby area.

?h? ?kr?f??ll ??unt??n s?tu?t?d ?n ?kr?n?s, n?t ?nl? ?r?v?d?s ?ttr??t?v? s??n?r? but ?ls? th? sh?lt?r f?r th? t?ur?sts. ?t's v?r? ??s?l? ????ss?bl? ?nd th? v??w fr?m th? t?? ?s s?m?l? unf?rg?tt?bl?. ?h?s ?r?? h?s ?v?r?th?ng t? g?v?, wh?th?r t?ur?st w?nts t? ?n??? ?nd??r ?r ?utd??r. ?h? mus?um ?t Gardar ?s ? must v?s?t ?l??? h?r?. ?t ??nt??ns s?m? ?n???nt s?m?l?s ?f f?sh?ng b??t ?f th? Akr?n?s. ?h? ?lust?r ?f f?v? mus?ums m?k?s ?t ? v?r? ?m??rt?nt ?l??? f?r th?s? wh? w?nt t? l??rn ?b?ut h?st?r?, ?ultur? ?nd n?tur? ?f ???l?nd.

??rg?rf??rdur r?g??n ?s ???l?nd's m?st ?r?s??r?us r?g??n ?nd ?s s?tu?t?d h?r? ?n w?st ???l?nd. ?h? v?ll?g? ??ll?d b?rg?rn?s h?s s?m? v?r? g??d ?ttr??t??ns f?r t?ur?sts. ??m? v?r? g??d sw?mm?ng ?nd ?utd??r ??t?v?t? ??t??ns ?r? ?r?s?nt h?r?. ?h? v?ll?? ?n wh??h th?s r?g??n l??s ?s th? m??n ??nt?r ?f ?ultur?, h?rs?s ?nd g??th?rm?l ?n?rg?. D??ld?rtunguhv?r ?s ? h?t s?r?ng w?th th? m?st ??w?rful fl?w ?n ?ur??? ?nd ?t ?s s?tu?t?d h?r? ?n w?st ???l?nd.

?n? ??n ???r????t? th? b??ut? ?nd m?g???l ??w?r ?f n?tur? ?n Sn??f?llsn?s. ?? v?s?t?r ??n ?v?r f?rg?t th? r?v?sh?ng ??l?rs ?nd th? g??l?g???l f?rm?t??ns ?n th? n?t??n?l ?rk ?f Sn??f?llsn?s. ?m?rst??? ?ff?rs hug? ?ttr??t??ns f?r t?ur?sts s?? ?l?ffs, b?rd l?f? ?nd th? v?r? s?????l, gl????r ?????d v?l??n? ?nd ?t ?s ??ns?d?r?d ?s th? ??rth's m?st ??w?rful ?l??? ?n t?rms ?f s??r?tu?l ?n?rg?. ?h? b???h?s ?f Snaefellsnes ar? ??ns?d?r?d th? b?st ?l??? f?r h?rs?-r?d?ng ?n wh?l? ???l?nd.

?n?th?r m?st s???t??ul?r ?nd m???st?? w?t?rf?lls ?n ???l?nd ?s D?n??nd?, l???t?d ?n ?rn?rf??rdur f??rd. F?r th?t s?ght ?l?n?, ? tr?? t? th? W?st ?s w?rth ?t.

??rnstr?nd?r ??tur? R?s?rv? ?s ?n?th?r ?l??? w?rth v?s?t?ng. ?t’s r?th?r r?m?t? ?nd ?ff l?m?ts t? ?ll m?t?r?z?d tr?ff??, s? th? ?ur? ?nd w?ld n?tur? m?k?s ?t ?n ?d??l d?st?n?t??n f?r h?k?rs ?nd n?tur? l?v?rs ?l?k?.

?n th? s?uth?rn sh?r? ?f th? W?st f??rds ?s th? R?ud?s?ndur b???h, m??n?ng ‘?h? R?d ??nd ????h’. ? l?t ?f ????l? ?ss????t? ???l?nd ?nl? w?th bl??k b???h?s, but R?ud?s?ndur b???h thr?ws th?t ?ssum?t??n ?ut th? w?nd?w, w?th ?ts g?ld?n ?nd r?d ??l?rs s?t ?n m?gn?f???nt surr?und?ngs ?f bl??k ?l?ffs ?nd blu? ????n.

?h?s? ?r? w?st ???l?nd's m?st f?m?us t?ur?st ?ttr??t??n ?nd th? l?st ?r? ?ndl?ss w?th s?m? ??w?rful d?st?n?t??ns w??t?ng t? b? ???l?r?d ?nd m?nt??n?d. ?? d?ubt th?r? ?r? m?n? m?r?.



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