Reykjavík Pride brings Rainbows to Iceland!

Magazine Reykjavík Pride brings Rainbows to Iceland!

The year 2018 marks the 20th annual Reykjavík Pride, the biggest festival in Iceland! An estimated 200 000 people join the celebrations and visitors from all around Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world join the fun.


The origins of Reykjavík Pride are dated back to 1993 when Icelandic gays and lesbians first gathered in the capital to promote freedom and human rights. Since then it has evolved into a six-day crowd-gatherer where people of all genders, friends, family and visitors come to enjoy concerts, art, talks and seminars, a queer cruise or gay walks and of course the Pride parade!


Icelanders are proud to host one of the ”biggest little Pride parades” in the world. It’s where not just the LGBTQI community, but the whole country and it’s visitors, come together to celebrate Iceland being a country where anyone is free to express themselves and be as they are.


Reykjavík Pride has also become a destination in itself – a reason to travel to Iceland in August! For example Pink Iceland ( offers Pink tour packages and hotel accommodation especially for guests coming to enjoy the rainbow-coloured festivities. The offers include accommodation also in Berjaya Hotels Reykjavík Marina and Berjaya Hotels Herad.


Some of the events are free of charge and some you can buy tickets to. The Pride Pass (9 500/15 500 ISK) includes altogether eight pre-chosen events.


Find the full programme for this year’s Reykjavík Pride here:

Reykjavík Pride 7.-12. August 2018

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