Science and Steam Punk – new cocktails at Slippbarinn!

Magazine Science and Steam Punk – new cocktails at Slippbarinn!

At the end of January 2016 the Reykjavík Marina hotel´s Slippbarinn will launch a new drink menu with a bit more of a twist than just new flavors. The 8 new drinks on the menu will be made with special precision and almost laboratory-fitted equipment. The new head bartender, bar manager Daníel Jón, says it will be a mix of Steam Punk and retro meets Mad Scientist.

-        The Steam Punk theme incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th Century industrial steam-powered machinery and combines sci-fi and fantasy. It´s a type of vintage futurism and it will show not only on the drink menu but the interior decoration of the bar as well.

The Mad Scientist part of the menu is a true curiosity. Inspired by his scientist father, Daníel Jón and his team will introduce drinks made of, for example, lemon juice or tomato juice, which have been cleared from their pulp with chemicals in a centrifuge! And if that doesn´t sound special enough, the drinks will be poured into glasses iced with the help of liquid nitrogen.

-          After you freeze glasses with it, you just don´t want to go back to doing it with ice. The liquid nitrogen makes the glass so cold, it actually lengthens the life of a cocktail. Which normally is about 7 minutes, Daníel Jón says. – We also ice mint with it, so that when we crush the leaves, they dissolve like powder. This has been done in other bars around the world but now we´re bringing it to Slippbarinn, too.

As the new bar manager he gives praise to his predecessor who taught the entire Slippbarinn bartender team how to create unique cocktails.

-          He encouraged us to always reach for the next level and this new cocktail selection will be colorful, surprising and „manipulate the mind“ in a good way. I mean, nobody would guess a clear red drink would be made of tomato juice, right? We have a great team here at Slippbarinn serving our guests and it´s our pleasure serving the guests unique cocktails that will leave a memory.

We asked Daníel to present and example of a drink featured on the new cocktail list and here is what will be included in the curiosuly titled „We Don´t Do Mojitos“.


We Don't Do Mojitos


We Don´t Do Mojitos


Diplomatico Blanco Rum


Green Chartreuse



The title of this drink was derived from the fact that Slippbarinn actually doesn´t serve mojitos (or Sex On The Beaches for that matter). This was a standard set by the former bar manager Ásgeir so this drink is in a way a tribute to him. The drink is green, fresh and minty – with mint first frozen by liquid nitrogen and then crushed into tiny flakes – so it resembles something that could taste like a mojito. But doesn´t.

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