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Equality for Women and Girls


United for Gender Equality 

UN Women Iceland and Iceland Hotel Collection by Berjaya have joined forces and signed a collaboration agreement. The collaboration aims to continue promoting a culture of equality within the Iceland Hotel Collection by Berjaya and raising funds for UN Women's projects worldwide.

The primary purpose of the collaboration is to influence the progress of equality globally and domestically. Iceland is at the forefront of gender equality worldwide and is a significant role model for other nations in these issues. Icelandic society sees gender equality as a fundamental human right and a prerequisite for prosperity, progress, and development. Unfortunately, progress in equal rights is slower globally. Following COVID-19 and increased global conflicts, the field has experienced a significant setback. According to recent studies, it will take 300 years to achieve full gender equality in the world.
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Iceland's tourism sector has become an increasingly important source of income in recent years, and the number of tourists visiting Iceland has never been greater. A certain responsibility comes with being a leader amongst nations when it comes to gender equality, and with a joint effort, UN Women in Iceland and Iceland Hotel Collection by Berjaya intend to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality. The hotel chain invites its customers to support the work of UN Women in Iceland through Berjaya's online booking system and at the hotel's reception desks. UN Women Iceland's merchandise is sold in the hotel stores. The funds raised go to UN Women's projects all around the world. 

Similarly, Iceland Hotel Collection by Berjaya is a leader when it comes to equality in the workplace and has now taken the additional step and signed the UN Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), an international declaration and agreement by the United Nations to increase gender equality in the workplace. In connection with the WEPs, UN Women in Iceland will provide additional gender equality training to Iceland Hotel Collection by Berjaya staff and managers.